National Himawari Training Campaign

Training Campaign Objectives

Assist Australian Bureau of Meteorology, WMO Region V and other stakeholders in preparing for the effective use of Himawari-8 data prior to its availability using existing satellite resources.

Stakeholders include Bureau Forecasters and staff including Bureau Satellite Champions, RAV and RAII stakeholders and the Principal Satellite Operator the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Ensure authenticity and effectiveness in the training through:

  • Consulting with Bureau Satellite Champions and other stakeholders in designing the online resources for familiarisation and training. Ensuring that the training resources are designed in such a way that they can be effectively used by the Operational Forecaster.
  • Using appropriate case studies and training examples (10 minute MTSAT-1R data, RGB products generated from Terra and Aqua MODIS), suitably displayed in appropriate visualisation software. These case studies will be made available to all stakeholders.
  • Mapping the training and assessment to best practises in Weather Forecasting, WMO-1083 capabilities and BOM Enabling Skills.
  • Training within the context of continuity of service idea as the stakeholders transition from MTSAT-2 to Himawari 8. Training will be both synchronous and asynchronous.
  • In consultation with relevant stakeholders putting in place an effective and accountable assessment scheme for selected stakeholders. Developing metrics to determine the success of the training using Moodle.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the success and effectiveness of the training.
  • Ongoing engagement of stakeholders, including their input into the training.