Regional Focus Group Weather and Forecast Discussion Links

Monitoring and Diagnosing the State and Evolution of the Atmosphere

Broadscale Satellite Images

Tropical Waves

Streamline Charts

Mean Sea Level Pressure Chart

Satellite Rainfall Estimates

Microwave Scatterometer Data

Cloud Drift Winds

Global Soundings

Ground-truthing Model Data

Comparing NWP Precipitation Forecasts with TRMM Satellite data

Forecasts - NWP Output and Products

Useful Reference Links

Topics that RAV Forecasters and Stakeholders would like to discuss at future Regional Focus Group meetings - useful references

Tornado development and decay, particularly for F0-F1 tornadoes (note, this could include waterspouts)

Very small Tropical Cyclones and their rapid intensification process

Tropical Cyclones developing near the Equator

Using MTSAT rapid scan data for the detection and monitoring of Tropical Cyclones in the early development stage (T number T1-T2)