National Himawari Training Campaign

National Himawari-8 Training Campaign

The Campaign assisted Australian Bureau of Meteorology, WMO Region V and other stakeholders in preparing for the effective use of Himawari-8 data prior to its availability using existing satellite resources. Ongoing liaison and training to stakeholders is currently given, now that Himawari-8 data is operationally available.

Bodo Zeschke of the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre played the role of the Senior Coordinator of the Campaign. This included:

  • the construction of most of the web resources
  • the advertisement of the training to Bureau Satellite Champions
  • conducting the tutorial sessions
  • writing of the Campaign Progress Reports (March and December 2015)
  • presentation of the progress of the Campaign at various meetings including the Virtual Laboratory Management Group (VLMG) meetings  .

Bodo Zeschke reported to his Supervisor, Mr. Roger Deslandes and the guidance offered was invaluable.

Bodo Zeschke wishes to express his thanks for the assistance offered by Mr. Denis Margetic in construction of the web page, Bureau Satellite Champions and other Bureau and VLab colleagues for their collaboration in advertising the Campaign within their Organisations and Regional Forecasting Centres.

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