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Posted by Denis Margetic on March 26, 2012

Between 13 - 15 February 2012 the Bureau Training Centre (BMTC) hosted a workshop on NASA's new Soumi NPP Earth monitoring satellite and the VIIRS instrument. The workshop featured lectures and hands-on sessions presented by Paul Menzel and Liam Gumley, both from Space Science and Engineering Centre (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin. The workshop was organised by Bodo Zeschke, John Le Marshall and Ian Grant, and was attended by staff from the Bureau, CAWCR, GA and affiliated universities. It was broadcast as a webinar, which allowed wider participation, including participants from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Various resources from this workshop are available below.

All available resources are contained in four ZIP archives. Please note, the ZIP archives are very large, which means it may take some time to download them. The best place to start is with the Overview document [PDF]. The content of the four ZIP archives is further summarised as follows:

1. Introduction and Summary [ZIP]

  • Size of ZIP: 519 MB
  • Recording of summary talks by Paul (46min) and Liam (26min), both in .wmv and .mp4 format
  • Corresponding PowerPoint slides to the above talks
  • Recordings of talks on:
    • Cloud Types by Paul (20min)
    • CrIS and ABI Instruments by Paul (16min)
    • MODIS v. VIIRS Swaths by Liam (5min)
    • VIIRS Channel M15 Anomalies by Liam (6min)

2. Laboratory Session 1 [ZIP]

  • Size of ZIP: 2,164 MB
  • Recordings of lab presentations
  • Lab handouts and instructions on how to install the Hydra 2.3 software
  • Hydra 2.3 software package
  • Jan 20 sample data from MODIS and VIIRS
  • Case studies presented in class by participants

3. Laboratory Session 2 [ZIP]

  • Size of ZIP: 5,549 MB
  • Recordings of lab sessions
  • Lab handout
  • Presentation on the new Day-Night band on VIIRS
  • Feb 7 sample data from MODIS and VIIRS
  • Case studies presented in class by participants

4. Future VIIRS [ZIP]

  • Size of ZIP: 323 MB
  • Recording of talk on new features in Hydra to support VIIRS
  • Relevant software and sample data to perform operations as shows in the above talk


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