Science Week 27th-30th July 2015

Posted on June 30, 2015

This year's Science Week will start on 27 July and run through to 30 July. It will feature online sessions pertaining to the latest developments in meteorological science with respect to operational forecasting, including sessions about the new generation of geostationary satellites. As always, the event will be hosted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre.

For more information please visit the Science Week 2015 event page.

For reference, the Science Week resources from the past few events are given below:

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The Australian VLab Centre of Excellence is announcing the launch of the first Phase of the National Himawari-8 Training Campaign in our commitment as a member of the WMO-CGMS Virtual Laboratory for Education and Training in Satellite Meteorology.

Phase I of the training campaign will be conducted during February to April 2015. The material covers the use of 10 minute rapid scan and the "Red-Green-Blue" products that combine multiple channels of data. A weekly online tutorial, hosted by BMTC trainer, Mr Bodo Zeschke will be available to assist forecasters should they have any questions regarding the material. The tutorials will be recorded so that forecasters can view the tutorial session asynchronously should they be unable to attend the live online sessions.

Phase II of training will occur during May to July 2015 and highlight the use of Rapid Scan data and RGB products through case studies. The corresponding resources may be freely accessed by all trainees. Assessment activities (available through the BMTCs Moodle platform) will also be part of this phase. The 2015 Advanced Forecaster Course "Science Week" will be an important part of the training.

Phase III will commence after the receipt of the Himawari-8 data and will include ongoing support and training to stakeholders.

It is planned that this initiative will lead to a high level of collaboration between the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence, the Satellite Champions and stakeholders within the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, our Sponsoring Satellite Operator the Japan Meteorological Agency as well as WMO RAV, RAII and other stakeholders.

The web page dedicated to the training campaign is located at:

Roger Deslandes (VLab Manager), Bodo Zeschke (VLab Point of Contact)

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