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AOMSUC-12 Training Event Pre-Survey Topics of Interest and VLab RFG Archive Recordings

 Pre-Survey results at this LINK

Key Topics of interest from the Pre-Survey

Some examples from the Archive LINK (date)

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1A: Weather analysis and forecasting using satellite data

Weather and Forecast Discussion, 20th July 2021 (Jul21) LINK

Examining various techniques in utilising 2.5 and 10 minute satellite data in meteorological analysis and diagnosis (Jul19) LINK

A short case study of the Hector thunderstorm over northern Australia, utilising satellite data, other observations and high resolution NWP (Apr22) LINK

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1B: Application of satellite data in forecasting and nowcasting high impact weather

On the rapid intensification and weakening of Tropical Cyclones Vernon and Charlotte Mar22) LINK

The eruption of the Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha'apai volcano, 15th January 2022 (Feb22) LINK

The remarkable development of Sumatra Squall Line SQL-31 "Xavi" (Jul21) LINK

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2A: RGB composite image analysis and interpretation

RGB composite examples adapted to low latitude tropical areas and to high latitude winter times, with a focus on the Australasia Pacific region (Sept22) LINK

Introducing KMA's modified Dust RGB composite for improved detection of weak dust events (Apr19) LINK

Applying some RGB Composites to an Australian Squall line (Dec17) LINK

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RGB resources

2B: Rainfall determination using satellite data 

 Weather and Forecast Discussion with a focus on the recent heavy rainfall event over eastern Australia, March 2021 (Mar21)  LINK

Utilising microwave data from polar orbiting satellites and Himawari-8 data for forecasting and nowcasting of heavy rainfall events, including a case study from North Queensland (Jul18) LINK

Tropical Case Study: West Java Flooding Event, 20-21st September 2016 (Oct16) LINK


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3A: High temporal resolution satellite imagery (JMA Himawari Request) case studies 

High resolution Himawari-8 Target Area Observations of Tropical Cyclone Veronica, 23-25th March 2019 (May19) LINK

High resolution Himawari-8 observation case study of the Bunyip and Licola fires (Mar19) LINK

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3B: Identifying different clouds in satellite imagery

 Cloud identification from satellite imagery (Jan20) LINK Quicklook 6

3C: Resolving parallax errors and making corrections

The parallax error in Himawari-8 data: A Singapore Case Study, a New Zealand example and the potential effect on other locations (Aug17) LINK Quicklook 7
3D: Creation and use of 3D stereo satellite imagery Summary of work conducted on 3D stereo satellite imagery by the Australian VLab CoE  (Mar21) LINK

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3E: AI, machine learning and immersive data visualisation

The Future of the VLab: what will the 200th Australian VLab CoE Regional Focus Group meeting, scheduled for 2031 be like (Jun22) LINK 

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 4: From AOMSUC-10 

Accessing Aviation Forecasting Resources Utilising Satellite Data on our Regional Focus Group Meeting Archive (Dec19) LINK

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