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3D Stereo Satellite Imagery

Summary of work conducted on 3D stereo satellite imagery by the Australian VLab CoE  (Mar21) LINK Dig Here: Wiggle 3D animation

Aviation Forecasting Resources

 Accessing Aviation Forecasting Resources utilising Satellite Data on our RFG archive (Dec19)  LINK

Agriculture / Environmental Disaster

Summary of the recent achievements of the environment disaster and agriculture monitoring using FengYun satellites (Oct21) LINK

Animation of Satellite Images  

Examining various techniques in utilising 2.5 and 10 minute satellite data in meteorological analysis and diagnosis (Jul19) LINK

Dig Here: Animation example

 Cloud Identification
Cloud identification from satellite imagery (Jan20) LINK   
Fire and Smoke
High resolution Himawari-8 observation case study of the Bunyip and Licola fires (Mar19) LINK

 Flooding Event

Weather and Forecast Discussion with a focus on the rainfall event over eastern Australia, March 2021 (Mar21)  LINK  

 Ocean Events

Swell Event in the Pacific Ocean during 11-17th July 2022, monitored by satellite and other data (Aug22) LINK
Dig Here:  Altimeter viewer

Satellite RGB Composites

Applying some RGB Composites to an Australian Squall line (Dec17) LINK

Dig Here: 1:RGB Intro 2:website

 Thunderstorm Development

A short case study of the Hector Thunderstorm over northern Australia using satellite and other data (Apr22) LINK

 Tropical Cyclones

Tropical Cyclone Harold: Intensity and structural variations using microwave satellite data (Apr20)  LINK Dig Here: Tropical Cyclone example

  Volcanic Eruptions

The eruption of the Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha'apai volcano, 15th January 2022 (Feb22) LINK