BOM / BMKG shared training resources

Resource for Andersen

Java Flooding event 20 September 2016 (from RFG meeting October 2016)

RGB product development

RS Webinar Practise

Examination of the BMKG Indonesia Night Microphysics RGB product for two Indonesian region case studies (B.Zeschke)

AOMSUC-9 Training Event, 6-7 October 2018

Presentations by Bodo Zeschke (BMTC)

  Topic and Recording Animations

RGB Applications for Convective Storms

.ppt file (106 Mb)

RGB Applications for Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS)

.ppt file (208 Mb)

RGB Applications for Dust

.ppt file (145 Mb)

RGB Applications for Smoke, Fire and Volcanic Ash

.ppt file (139 Mb)


AOMSUC-9 Conference, 8-10 October 2018

Conference presentations by Bodo Zeschke (BMTC)

Session 2: Capacity Building and Training Activity

S2-2 Satellite Meteorology Training in WMO RAV during 2017/18; the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence experience (.ppt file 22Mb)

Session 7B: Application of Satellite Data to Weather Analysis and Disaster Monitoring, Nowcasting and Forecasting

S7B-3 The use of Himawari-8 data and data composites in developing case studies within the Australasia-Pacific region: the Australian VLab Centre of Excellence Experience (.ppt file 49Mb)

BMKG Maluku Seminar for Rion

Effective use of satellite data over the Australian-Indonesia region utilising the VLab initiative

Resources to share with NEA Singapore

Storm outflow Bangka island convection 24th March 2022

Analysis of Singapore TS event 4th July 2022 using MIMIC TPW data