Task Team on Satellite Utilisation (TT-SU)

TT-SU Objectives

Identify and document the needs for satellite observations and derived products, for RA-V members.

The TT-SU aims to deliver a regional set of requirements for satellite data and products required by RA-V members, to fulfil their national/international roles in support of weather forecasts and warnings. Based on an agreed set of requirements, data providers will work with data users to meet the requirements, through ongoing leadership by the Task Team.



To develop a set of requirements for satellite data and exchange in RA-V, the TT-SU has adopted the WMO "Procedure for documenting regional requirements for satellite data and exchange".

TT-SU Members

  • Agnes Lane (lead), Bureau of Meteorology
  • Kelly Sponberg, NOAA
  • Riris Adriyanto, BKMG
  • Paul Seymour, NOAA
  • Vincente Palcon Jr, PAGASA